Guitar lessons in The Hague, Statenkwartier for beginners, advanced, scholars and adults. The lessons are private. Near Scheveningen.

My name is Olaf Tarenskeen  Since 1990 I teach in the styles of  Jazz, Classical, Finger Style, Pop, Rock,.

I am specialised in Jazz Chord Melody Style on Archtop Jazz Guitar or Classical guitar. Published articles on the subject ‘Jazz on Classical Guitar‘ in El Maestro- magazine for the European Guitar Teachers Association Netherlands and Germany. My Teaching Studio is Covid Proof with a transparant screen between teacher and student with enough space to play freely.

Your musical preferences are central to the guitar lessons. If you enjoy the music you play, you will progress faster. For both beginners and advanced, the pleasure of making music is important. Do you want to know more about my way of teaching?

Guitar lessons prizes for  youth and adults

Weekly 30min lessons are € 90,- monthly. see ’tarieven’

Trial lesson guitar

It is possible to follow a trial lesson guitar.

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